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I miss snowball :(

Fucking awesome, just like the others!
but i do miss snowball... makes me sad to see snowball dead!
(include Zombie Snowball in the next one... who is of course one of the good guys :) )


i do like the animations, however the things that both Zero's were saying were kinda.... cheesy.
but i would like to see more after part 2!

SS4FlameAlchemist responds:

thanks. I plan on getting back to virus wars part 1 after i fix the problems with my computer and can finally use flash again

Clown is the anwser!

so... MC11 will have ultra over powered dark clown as main enemy...
well, shit... hank is screwed now

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Following on twitter but I'm not getting the medal... also tried looking for the twitter bird in the game, couldn't find it... I'm probably doing something wrong or I'm just stupid :|

Anyway, game is great, fun and some really great art! Love it :3

deathink responds:

The blue bird is on the load screen, Its flipping around. I hope this helps :)

The game is really amazing. However this is now the 4th time I'm going to have to start from the beginning because it keeps forgetting me... I have all Newgrounds cookies as exceptions when I delete my cookies, so it should still be here right?
Anyway, awesome game, Althought it does get a bit annoying sometimes when trying to be as fast as possible and you just push one of the arrows too fast and you get 5 failed pixels... :|

Yeah, I can't even get past the first level... I parried the guy MAYBE 5 times, and most of those were just sheer luck.
I know the whole point is that you can't see anything, but there has to be SOME sort of feedback about what I'm doing, and there just isn't. I thought I would parry and then attack, so the MOMENT I heard the swords clash I mashed my W key but nothing happened, the guy was (from how I could identify it from the sound) just suddenly behind me, like he flipped over my the moment the swords touched...

So yeah, I like the idea, but there should really be more feedback about what the fuck is going on.

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